Tadelech Bekele wins the Amsterdam Women’s Marathon.

October 22, 2018 Kenenisa Bekele withdrew amid the Men’s Marathon which Lawrence Cherono won, as the 43rd TSC Amsterdam Marathon started with convenient weather for the athletes.

At the men’s Marathon, 14 athletes, including the highly expected Kenenisa and Cherono, were leading the run comfortably and made it to the first 5kms at 14:33 and the second at 29:08 which is close to Eliud Kipchoge’s 14:29 and 29:01 world record run one month ago.

Kenenisa couldn’t go on after 35 kms and quits on 2:02፡30. Lawrence Cherono, followed by Ethiopia’s Mule Wadihun and Solomon Deksisa, continued the race and finished first with 2፡04:06 breaking his 2017 2:05:09 record for the TSC Marathon.

Mule Wasihun came second with 2:04:37 and Solomon Deksisa third with 2:04:40.

The women’s Marathon had high competition throughout the distance. Last year’s winner Tadelech Bekele made it again, this time in 2:23:14. Shasho Ensermu (2:23:28) and Azmera Gebru (2:23:31) followed to take all three wins to Ethiopia. The first-to-Marathon, yet most successful Meseret Defar finished 8th in 2:27:23.

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