Ethiopian Athletes Finished ahead at the Delhi Half Marathon

Ethiopian Athletes Finished ahead at the Delhi Half Marathon on both men’s and women’s race. The winners are Anduamlak Belihu on the men’s and Tsehay Gemechu on the women’s. Andualem wins the run after putting up speed on the last few kilometers. Only four athletes made it to the 15 Kilometers before 42:41 when Andualem raised speed and finished the distance in 59:18.

The other Ethiopian athlete Amdewerk Walelign 19, managed to finish second. Kenya’s Daniel KIPCHUMBA made it to the third position. “I have been working to win this race and break the record (59:06 by Ethiopia’s Guya Adula in 2015) since I came second on last year’s race. But the pacemaker couldn’t run fast enough on the first few kilometers” said Andualem to the coordinators.

The unexpected Thehay Gemechu was unbeatable on the women’s half marathon. Ethiopian Tirunesh and Kenyan Joyciline Jepkosgei were the ones anticipated to win as both hold better records. Tsehay, 20, however galloped the last meter and finished first (1:06:50) , leaving the record holder Jepkosgei behind who finished second (1:06:56) and Ethiopian Zeineba Yime took the third place with 1:06:59 while Tirunesh finished sixth (1:08:36).

Leading results:


  1. Andamlak Belihu (ETH) 59:18
  2. Amdework Walelegn (ETH) 59:22
  3. Daniel Kipchumba (KEN) 59:48
  4. Aron Kifle (ERI) 59:50
  5. Aweke Ayalew (BRN) 1:00:09
  6. Leonard Korir (USA) 1:00:12
  7. Abdallah Mande (UGA) 1:00:34
  8. Betesfa Getahun (ETH) 1:00:47
  9. Emmanuel Bett (KEN) 1:00:48
  10. Alfred Ngeno (KEN) 1:04:07


  1. Tsehay Gemechu (ETH) 1:06:50
  2. Joyciline Jepkosgei (KEN) 1:06:56
  3. Zeineba Yimer (ETH) 1:06:59
  4. Stacy Ndiwa (KEN) 1:07:15
  5. Ababel Yeshaneh (ETH) 1:07:49
  6. Tirunesh Dibaba (ETH) 1:08:36
  7. Worknesh Degefa (ETH) 1:11:04
  8. Tejitu Daba (BRN) 1:12:49
  9. Failuna Matanga (TAN) 1:12:51
  10. Sanijvani Jadhav (IND) 1:13:58
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